Gorilla Safaris Across Africa – A Journey to Witness Apes in Their Natural Habitat

Africa is a natural wonderland that throbs with the most magnificent and unique wildlife. Among these, the majestic gorillas stand as gentle giants that captivate the hearts of adventurers worldwide. 

Planning to go on a gorilla safari across the African continent will allow you to enjoy the diverse landscapes and habitats of these incredible creatures in their natural splendour. Visit for more details.


  • In the misty mountains of Rwanda, you can embark on an enchanting gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park.
  • This park is home to the endangered subspecies of mountain gorillas known for their thick fur and robust build. 
  • The best time for a gorilla safari in Rwanda is June to September and December to February. The trails are more accessible in these dry seasons.


  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda are sanctuaries for both mountain gorillas and vague golden monkeys. 
  • The dense forests and challenging terrain add a sense of adventure to the trekking experience. 

Republic of Congo: 

  • The Republic of Congo lies in the core of Central Africa. It is home to the western lowland gorillas. 
  • In the wilderness of Odzala-Kokoua National Park, you can witness lowland gorillas in their natural habitat. 

Central African Republic: 

  • The Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve in the Central African Republic is a refuge for both western lowland gorillas and forest elephants. 
  • Exploring the lush rainforests of this reserve provides a chance to witness these magnificent creatures. 
  • The best time for a gorilla safari in the Central African Republic is during the dry season, from December to April.


  • The dense rainforests of Cameroon are home to the Cross River gorilla, one of the rarest gorilla subspecies. 
  • Takamanda National Park and Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary offer opportunities to observe these elusive primates. 


  • Nigeria is another destination for meeting the Cross River gorillas. 
  • The Mbe Mountains Community Wildlife Sanctuary and the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary are crucial habitats for the conservation of these gorillas. 


  • Loango National Park in Gabon provides a unique setting in which to observe western lowland gorillas against the backdrop of pristine beaches and lush forests. 
  • The best time for a gorilla safari in Gabon is during the dry season, from June to September.

Equatorial Guinea: 

  • The Monte Alén National Park in Equatorial Guinea is a haven for the critically threatened Cross River gorillas. 
  • Trekking through the dense rainforest allows for a glimpse into the lives of these rare creatures. 


  • While not as commonly associated with gorilla safaris, Angola is home to the western lowland gorillas. 
  • Conservation efforts in the Mayombe Forest are contributing to the protection of these gorillas. 


From the mist-shrouded mountains of Rwanda to the dense rainforests of Central Africa, each destination offers a unique glimpse into the lives of the great apes. The best time to embark on this adventure varies across regions, so visit the Animal Kingdom Blog and learn more. It is time to plan a gorilla safari across the African continent, which can be a memorable journey into the heart of the ape’s paradise. 

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