Serviced Apartment: Best Room For Your Long Stay In HK

One of the most exciting experiences is to have a trip to other countries, a memorable vacation. Since you are on vacation, you might be on a short or long stay. So, if you are new to the place or country, you need a safe place and room to have a peaceful mind. A serviced apartment is a perfect long stay hotel hong kong.

Serviced apartment

A serviced apartment is a look-alike of a home featuring all the amenities that can be booked for short or long stays. Travelers can enjoy several amenities, such as:

  • Fully-equipped kitchens
  • Housekeeping services
  • Features everything you need (maintenance and upkeep of the property)

A serviced apartment is best suited for tourists and people traveling for work. It guarantees a perfect balance between rented properties and hotels. The traveler will enjoy all the comfort of a home while out of the responsibilities.

Serviced apartment versus regular apartment

Regular apartments and serviced apartments are like comparing apples and oranges. Although they are both fruits, they differ in a lot of things that are worth noting between them.

  • Regular apartment. It is a living space in a residential building that may or may not be furnished. Regular apartment is best for extended stays that include a minimum of 1 year.
  • Serviced apartment. It is a living space in a commercial building that is fully furnished. People choose serviced apartments for short-term or long-term stays. It means you can always save money by choosing this apartment.

One point that makes serviced apartments more advantageous to choose than regular apartments is the housekeeping service. A regular apartment doesn’t have the housekeeping service that a serviced apartment has. In a regular apartment, you are doing the housekeeping yourself, if you are a busy person, then you need to hire someone like a house cleaner to do the housekeeping.

Why is a serviced apartment also considered a hotel?

Hotels and apartments are like the two sides of a coin. Yes, a serviced apartment and a hotel are different. But, you may hear many people saying that they are both the same. Why? When you take a look at a serviced apartment, the room has a hotel-like atmosphere and the feeling of staying in a luxury-like unit feels like a 5-star hotel.

An apartment offers facilities the same as a traditional hotel, but it is added with privacy, convenience and space. It offers all the functionalities but at a lower cost. It makes you feel like a local and not a traveler. When you hear the term serviced apartment, you should not be confused with hotels.

Serviced apartments don’t burn a hole in the traveler’s pocket. Travelers choose to have a stay in a serviced apartment because it offers more private rooms than a hotel. A hotel room may only offer an enough sq. ft., unlike a serviced apartment that offers a whole house at your convenience.

So, if you want to experience a memorable vacation, but like a stay at your home, long stay Hotel Hong Kong is the best option.

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