Why Makadi Bay Should Be Your Summer Vacation Destination

Summer brings a yearning to explore. New experiences, travel, and water are appealing. Makadi Bay is unique among summer vacation spots. Makadi Bay holds riches and awaits discovery. It’s concealed on Egypt’s eastern Red Sea coast. Adventurers have many options in this coastal paradise with its stunning beaches, clear waters, and diverse marine life. Underwater exploration and exhilarating trips at Makadi Bay should be on your summer holiday itinerary. Here is the joy ride you can experience after you book your trip from

Submerged Joys

Makadi Bay boasts world-class diving. The Red Sea’s warm waters support various fish and coral reefs. Shaab Abu Hashish’s towering walls and Ras Abu Galum’s coral gardens and caves are popular diving locations. Makadi Bay is a memorable underwater experience for novices and experts.

Scuba Gear

Makadi Bay snorkelling draws swimmers. Snorkelling lets you discover underwater riches. Swim alongside stunning marine turtles, lively dolphins, and bright coral gardens. Clear waters and abundant marine life make Makadi Bay a great snorkelling site.

Desert Safari Thrills

Makadi Bay’s bleak environment invites exploration beyond its azure waters. Desert safaris take you deep into Egypt. Drive a 4×4 through golden sand dunes and admire the desert. Visit a Bedouin tent to experience indigenous life, eat under the stars, and admire the desert at night.

Water Sports Epic

Makadi Bay offers thrilling water sports. Kiteboarding feels like wind in your hair, whereas stand-up paddle boarding requires balance. Enjoy beach jet skiing or windsurfing. The wind and sea conditions at Makadi Bay make it suitable for all water sports lovers.

Luxury Vacations

Luxury resorts in Makadi Bay offer relaxation after a day of adventure. Enjoy coastal hotels, fine dining, and spa treatments. Makadi Bay offers beachfront and garden houses for all.

Cross-Culture Relations

Egypt’s rich history and colorful culture can be experienced at surrounding historical sites. Visit Luxor, Karnak, Abu Simbel, and Valley of the Kings. Discover ancient Egypt and this fascinating nation by unearthing riches.

Eco Friendly Tourism

Makadi Bay attracts ecotourism and adventurers. Ecotourism helps endangered species and the marine environment. Visitor activities include beach clean-ups, coral reef protection, and marine life monitoring. Makadi Bay offers life-changing summer trips and protects this unique ecology.

Sunset Sailing Tranquillity

Sail with us to see Makadi Bay sunset. Watch the rainbow from a felucca on the calm Red Sea. Enjoy the calming wind on your skin as you cruise along sunset-lit coasts. Sunset sailing in Makadi Bay is a peaceful way to spend time with loved ones or alone.

Delicious Treats

Each vacation should incorporate local cuisine and flavors. Makadi Bay features many tasty foods. Makadi Bay’s spicy Egyptian specialties and fresh seafood platters will leave you wanting more. Enjoy cuisine and scenery under the stars in this lovely coastal getaway.

Family Fun

Daredevils, explorers, and families may make memories at Makadi Bay. The shallow, protected bay is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and sandcastle building with the family. Kids of all ages can enjoy kids’ clubs and activities at several resorts. Makadi Bay has thrilling water parks and family-friendly tours.


Makadi Bay offers a unique summer vacation with stunning scenery, exhilarating activities, and luxurious lodging. Makadi Bay has something for everyone, whether you like diving, water activities, or a calm escape. Then why wait? Make Makadi Bay your ultimate summer getaway by embracing adventure.



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