Never-to-miss Summer Events Iin Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach appeal to tourists all year round, but summer truly kindles the coastal spirit.

The calendar is brimming with events, festivals and activities that transform the region into a sizzling playground, offering something to every visitor. 

Events & festivals 

Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship


It is a unique summer-long series of fishing tournaments that starts in April and runs all through July. It is not a competition but a celebration of rich marine life swarming in the Gulf. 

  • Orange Beach Billfish Classic – Initial part of the series
  • The Gulf Coast Masters – the next in the series
  • Blue Marlin Grand Championship – Marks the end of the series

Anglers of all skill levels can participate in the King Mackerel, Red Fish, and Speckled Trout tournaments. 

Each leg of the series offers exciting competition, a chance to test skills against the abundance of the sea and the possibility to get crowned as a Triple Crown Champion.

The allure of the Triple Crown does not lie in the competition but in the friendship that builds among participants throughout the series. You will find seasoned anglers eager to share their knowledge and techniques with newcomers. 

It fosters a spirit of sportsmanship and shared appreciation for the sport. The champion can be a seasoned angler or a curious newcomer, and the event offers a chance to experience the thrill of sports fishing in this beautiful setting.

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Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival


For those looking at the spectacle in the skies painted with vibrant colours, the hot air balloon festival hosted in May is a must-see. 

More than 40 hot air balloons are rising majestically in the sky. Each one has a whimsical shape and dazzling colour tones, filling the sky like a scene from a storybook.

The festival undoubtedly offers spectacular views but you can even get tethered rides and full-fledged balloon rides. 

From the vantage point in the early-morning air, you will see the sun float gently above the countryside as the world wakes below. 

As the sun climbs higher in the sky, you will see the landscape covered in a golden glow.  When you take a comprehensive look around, you will find the coastline vistas, stretched ocean waters and old-fashioned villages snuggled along the shores, it surprises you. 

The feel is awesome. You will cherish this Gulf Coast adventurous hot air balloon tour for a lifetime. 

The artistry and engineering skills behind each balloon are awe-inspiring. It is a proof of human innovation and creativity. 

National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship


Later in May, the energy shifts to the shores with the beach volleyball championship matches. It is a dynamic event showing some of the nation’s top collegiate beach volleyball players. 

The pristine white sand transforms into a volleyball court as the players compete, displaying their teamwork, mental fortitude, and athleticism. 

The young athletes go all in with their powerful, gravity-defying jumps and spikes as they fight for the championship title.

The atmosphere is electrifying with crowds cheering and loud music beats. It is heightened even more with the striking beach as a backdrop. 

The Gulf’s turquoise water shimmers in the sun’s rays and creates a picturesque setting for this world-class competition. 

he National Collegiate Beach Volleyball Championship is a must-see event, even for someone who appreciates peak physical performance.

Beyond these large-scale events, the Gulf Coast offers a plethora of smaller, community-driven celebrations throughout the summer.

Annual Shrimp Festival


As summer arrives properly, Gulf shores and Orange Beach gets vibrant with a variety of festival and events. The annual Shrimp Festival is a sanctuary for seafood lovers. The long weekend festival celebrates a range of shrimp dishes.  Every imaginable shrimp creation takes centre stage. 

The cooking demonstrations from popular Chefs give tips into preparing these delectable, while live music keeps everyone’s spirits high. The pee-and-eat shrimp competition is the highlight of the festival. It is a test of speed and technique that promises a barrel of laughs. 

Arts by The Bay festival


You will find art enthusiasts immersed in the vibrant colours and textures showcased at this festival. The location overlooks water and is spectacular. There are local and regional artists who participate to show their paintings, sculptures, jewellery, pottery, and photography. 

It is an event that gives you a chance to discover new hidden talents and take home an exclusive souvenir that captures the essence of your vacation at one of the best Gulf Shores rentals

Heritage festival


It is a time machine that gives the taste of local culture. Traditional music fills the air with lively performances by the bluegrass bands, storytellers, and fiddlers. Local artisans display their crafting skills. They demonstrate techniques used generations back to create beautiful and functional objects. 

You can sample the regional specialities from food vendors serving their great-great-great grandmother’s dishes. The Heritage Festival is a heart-warming celebration of the traditions, heritage and spirit of Alabama Gulf Coast.

Family-friendly events


The ‘Arts, Crafts, & Crabs’ and the ‘Flora-Bama Beach Blast’ are family-friendly events. The Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach comes alive with a variety of concerts all summer season. You get to dance to music from local bands to top country artists. 

If you an adventurous type then go kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Gulf State Park or embark with your children on a dolphin-watching cruise and see the magnificent creatures in their natural surroundings. History fans can visit the Fort Morgan to gain an insight of the Civil War era. 

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have something special, so pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to create unforgettable memories in this sun-drenched summer paradise.

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